What to do in Ulisa Bay

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Malawi Ulisa Bay

What to do in Ulisa Bay

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Africa is one continent full of mystery, with a great culture, a rough, beautiful and stunning place worth to be visited and located in this continent there is Malawi, a country with the nickname of “The warm heart of Africa”, because of its warm people, it has amazing landscapes, a great biodiversity and a big and beautiful lake named Malawi Lake

Despite its beauty and wonders, Africa is a continent with some problems, and Malawi doesn’t escape from them. It is one of the least developed countries in the world, it is also a small country and some communication media bring us worrying news, however, it is a destination you will not regret to visit, with touristic, safe breathless and dazzling places.

The Likoma Island

In the Malawi Lake there is located the Likoma Island, a paradisiac destination for any tourist with cathedrals like Saint Peter’s Cathedral, parks like Nkhaji Nature Park, gardens like Ulisa Gardens, beaches with transparent waters and more, the weather is hot near the shore of the lake with a very pleasant refreshing breeze that you will surely enjoy.

In this island there are the Ulisa Gardens, the Ulisa Village and Ulisa Bay Lodge.

Ulisa Bay

Ulisa Bay Lodge is located on the west side of Likoma Island and it is an amazing option when you visit Malawi, it is near the Ulisa Village, a beautiful fishing village  where you can see the fishing boats going to fish at night using bright lights, in addition, you will be able to visit the Ulisa Gardens located in the island.

Ulisa Bay Lodge has beautiful chalets with large verandas overlooking the lake, backup lights using solar energy, there is a campsite between mango trees beside the beach, It is really a special place to visit anytime.

What can you do in Ulisa

Visit Ulisa Village; admire the local culture visiting this beautiful village.

Snorkeling and diving; the transparent waters of the lake make it perfect for these activities, and there are various species of fishes you can see.

Walking and trekking; there are footpaths and tracks throughout the island with wonderful views, besides you can go either alone or accompanied by  the friendly staff of Ulisa Bay Lodge who will be happy to go to walk with you and show you the island

Birdwatching; if you are a bird watcher there are  several species in the island to be seen.

Sailing and boat trip, since Ulisa Bay Lodge is located in an island, these are obvious and great activities you can do during your trip.

As you can see, there are many things to do in Ulisa Bay, so just take the precautions you should have for any trip and enjoy!