Top 3 things to see in Malawi

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Things to see in Malawi

Top 3 things to see in Malawi

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“The warm heart of Africa”, that’s the nickname of Malawi, a small beautiful country located in Africa, some people use to say “the best things come in small containers”, and in this case, we can say that’s true, Malawi has a diverse wildlife, stunning landscapes, very friendly people and more.


This country is like a hidden treasure, and that will allow you to enjoy amazing tourist locations with warm and friendly attention, but without all the crowd that you find in other touristic places, you will be able to walk around and visit all the attractions peacefully and comfortably.


There’s so many things and activities to enjoy! You can visit parks, natural reserves, the amazing lake, rivers, cathedrals and temples, also you can practice hiking, climbing, snorkeling, boat trip and much more, that country has a very diverse wildlife, stunning sceneries and few pollution, you can enjoy a beautiful sky at night full of stars.


What to see in Malawi


There are many beautiful and exciting things to see in this small country, here are three of them:


First, you definitely need to visit Malawi Lake, the ninth largest lake in world, with transparent and warm waters, home of many species of fishes, it has a very diverse wildlife and its clear waters are perfect for snorkeling and diving, you can also enjoy boat trips and visit Likoma Island, a paradisiac place with many things to do and see, luxury lodges and more.


Second, visit the spectacular Mulanje Mountain, a huge and beautiful granite mazice in south Malawi, it is located only 65 km of the east of Blantyre, the second largest and important city of the country, it is part of Mulanje Mountain Forest Reserve, and is ideal for hiking and climbing, it is recommended practice hiking on dry season (from from May to August) because wet season has many heavy rains and high temperatures.


Third, Liwonde National Park, also known as Liwonde Wildlife Reserve,was established on 1973 and is located about 160 km at north of Blantyre, is the most popular of the parks with a wildlife that includes: elephants, hippos, crocodiles, antelopes, leopards, hyenas and occasionally black lions, the River Shire flows along the park´s western border allowing boat safaris, on foot or in ground vehicles. It has first class accommodation in lodges or if you prefer there is a campsite.


There are much more to see but you can start with this three iconic and beautiful places that will connect you with nature and peace.