Malawi: Music, Culture and Rhythm

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Malawi Music Rythm

Malawi: Music, Culture and Rhythm

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Africa, as the cradle of humanity, is home of the most gorgeous cultural heritages that anyone can find around the world. Its traditional way to make clothes, music instruments and rituals is a thing that everyone should see in person, and one of the best places to see it is Malawi

Malawi is located at southeast of the continent, even when it’s landlocked by Tanzania, Zambia and Mozambique, its eastern territories are bathed by the Lake Malawi, which offers some of the most gorgeous landscapes of the region. The lake is also one of the few freshwater sources of the continent and a treatment can make the water drinkable and apt to other activities. For that and other reasons, the Lake is protected gaining the status of National Park, yet it’s not forbidden to visit it and activities like kayaking, canoeing, fishing, visiting its desert islands or just chilling are among the many things to do there.

In Malawi, you can visit the Majete Wildlife Reserve and connect with nature and the great amount of species that live there. Lions and leopards are the biggest felines there and coexist with other stunning mammals like black rhinos and elephants. Also, this reserve is home of the Kapichira Falls, an incredible place where hippos go to bathe and swim.

A place where you can learn about Malawian colonial past is Livingstonia. As French and British Empires colonized a great part of the African continent, many religious missions were sent to those newfoundlands in order to aid the locals and spread religion. Livisgstonia was once a Scottish mission that settled near the village of Khondowe. Most of its original colonial buildings are still there and in use by the local university. Enter the museum to learn about the mission and how the British culture influenced not just this settlement, but the whole country.

A must visit place is the Karonga Cultural & Museum Centre. This is the right place to learn about the culture of the Malawian people. The main exhibition is called “From Dinosaurs to Democracy” and there you’ll meet the Malawisaurus and will get to see the most amazing prehistoric tools and ornaments of its culture.

The best chance to interact with the friendly and welcoming locals is at the Lake of Stars Festival. This musical fest is quite an event, it takes place by the Lake Malawi and the best performers of the Malawian scene show up and put everybody to dance.

A nice way to finish your travel is in Blantyre, home of The Society of Malawi, a place where more than a thousand books lay and have recorded the historic data that most tourist don’t dare to find out, yet it’s interesting to see how this country has evolved but having their roots preserved and respected.

A trip to Malawi will be one of the most amazing yet calm getaways you could ever have. So start planning and visit this African gem.