How to shop with kids: Do’s and don’ts

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How to shop with kids- Do's and don'ts

How to shop with kids: Do’s and don’ts

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Our kids are our greater blessing, those tiny persons that fill our live with love and joy, but also with responsibility. It is a lovely, blessed and very hard work to raise and live with children, they are demanding and at the same time rewarding, we just love them so much.

However, going out to shopping with our beloved kids may be a little bit problematic, they are children, and for that reason sometimes they don’t understand some things and they can provide us a really bad moment.


How to go shopping with your kids

Here we have some tips for shopping with kids:


  • Before start shopping have a nice time eating something nice, that will relax you all and the shopping will be fluid and nice.
  • Chose a moment when everyone is relaxed and undertake the mission  of shopping gladly and with fun in your spirit, talk to your children and set it all as an adventure.
  • When you reach your limit say something positive and stop and rest for a while, that will teach them to be positive with their emotions too.
  • Remember they are children, they got tired, stressed and they don’t have the consciousness we have to understand why is so important to do that, take with you hydration for them and think they’re gonna need a snack.
  • Make them part of the mission, if they can read, print for them copies of the shopping list, they can help to find the items, assign task, for example, one of them can push the cart, other can put items inside, other can find the items, the older ones can help you to compare prices, let them carry some bags (like the one with toilet paper), they will feel that they are useful, and they will be more disciplined.
  • Be organized, make a list, choose a store with bathrooms and safe for kids. Schedule the right time, set rules, for example, they will be able to choose something they like, but just one item if they have a good behavior.


  • Don’t start shopping if all of you are hungry and/or tired, that will make everything much more stressing.
  • Don’t scold them if they want to examine an object, if possible, let them see and touch the object under very close supervision, otherwise tell them they can see but not touch, scold them will make everyone changes mood and things may become complicated.
  • Avoid crowds, really avoid them, children may  be stressed, intimidated by crowds, besides the risk of losing them increases in middle of a crowd. Things become really stressed, avoid those moments when everyone just exit their jobs and are tired and in a rush wanting to go home quickly. You can have always a tow truck near me!
  • Don’t go shopping if you are hurried, if you see time is finishing you will lose your patience faster.