Where to go with your family in Malawi

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Where to go with your family in Malawi

Where to go with your family in Malawi

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Africa is a continent full of beauty, mother nature has blessed that continent with some of the most stunning landscapes you can see, it is also a continent with some problems, and some of their countries are among the less developed of the world. With lots of economical and social issues, but beyond all those sad news, that continent is a spectacular tourist destination worth to be visited.




Malawi, nicknamed the “Warm heart of Africa” it was named by Lonely Planet as one of the top 10 places to visit in 2014, despite of the problems, this country has been one of the less developed of the continent, this is a wonderful place with very friendly people, it really is a natural paradise with stunning landscapes and a diverse and awesome wildlife.


Malawi has beautiful beaches, but they are uncrowded, this country is like a awesome secret paradise where you can enjoy all the things it has to offer quietly, peacefully and you and your family won’t share the good attention with hordes of tourists, so if you want to relax and escape from stress, this is your ideal place.


Where to go with your family


This is a friendly country that all the family can enjoy, without all the noise and with few tourists, it is easier enjoy the spectacular attractions with kids, and there are many things to do all together as family.


There are amazing beaches, the Lake Malawi has a stunning beauty, finest accommodation, exciting activities and places to see and forget all problems, kids will be excited and happy to enjoy the view or the boat trips and safaris, adults can relax walking around, enjoying the magnificent view or visiting local fishing villages like Ulisa in Likoma Island.


There are some places you definitely should visit with your family during you trip to Malawi:


Mount Mulanje, it is a magnificent massif, worth to be visited by all family, kids and teenagers surely will enjoy to trek and camp on the mountains, there are some paths and hiking routes very gentle where you can enjoy with your kids and some serious climbing for the most experimented members of the family, you can hire guides and camping equipment.


Malawi Lake, is definitely a treasure you cannot miss, its shores are absolutely beautiful with golden sands and crystal clear waters that all the family together can enjoy, the lake, as well as the islands in it, have the best accommodation located near fishing villages, which will allow you to know the local culture, there are activities for the whole family, such as kayaking, sailing, snorkeling, diving, boat trips and much more.


Liwonde National Park, it is a beautiful park where the entire family can enjoy boat safaris, as well as foot and 4×4 safaris too, you will be able to see magnificent and varied animals and stay in the first-class accommodation offered