How to shop with kids- Do's and don'ts

    How to shop with kids: Do’s and don’ts

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    Our kids are our greater blessing, those tiny persons that fill our live with love and joy, but also with responsibility. It is a lovely, blessed and very hard work to raise and live with children, they are demanding and at the same time rewarding, we just love them so much.

    However, going out to shopping with our beloved kids may be a little bit problematic, they are children, and for that reason sometimes they don’t understand some things and they can provide us a really bad moment.


    How to go shopping with your kids

    Here we have some tips for shopping with kids:


    • Before start shopping have a nice time eating something nice, that will relax you all and the shopping will be fluid and nice.
    • Chose a moment when everyone is relaxed and undertake the mission  of shopping gladly and with fun in your spirit, talk to your children and set it all as an adventure.
    • When you reach your limit say something positive and stop and rest for a while, that will teach them to be positive with their emotions too.
    • Remember they are children, they got tired, stressed and they don’t have the consciousness we have to understand why is so important to do that, take with you hydration for them and think they’re gonna need a snack.
    • Make them part of the mission, if they can read, print for them copies of the shopping list, they can help to find the items, assign task, for example, one of them can push the cart, other can put items inside, other can find the items, the older ones can help you to compare prices, let them carry some bags (like the one with toilet paper), they will feel that they are useful, and they will be more disciplined.
    • Be organized, make a list, choose a store with bathrooms and safe for kids. Schedule the right time, set rules, for example, they will be able to choose something they like, but just one item if they have a good behavior.


    • Don’t start shopping if all of you are hungry and/or tired, that will make everything much more stressing.
    • Don’t scold them if they want to examine an object, if possible, let them see and touch the object under very close supervision, otherwise tell them they can see but not touch, scold them will make everyone changes mood and things may become complicated.
    • Avoid crowds, really avoid them, children may  be stressed, intimidated by crowds, besides the risk of losing them increases in middle of a crowd. Things become really stressed, avoid those moments when everyone just exit their jobs and are tired and in a rush wanting to go home quickly. You can have always a tow truck near me!
    • Don’t go shopping if you are hurried, if you see time is finishing you will lose your patience faster.

    Malawi Music Rythm

    Malawi: Music, Culture and Rhythm

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    Africa, as the cradle of humanity, is home of the most gorgeous cultural heritages that anyone can find around the world. Its traditional way to make clothes, music instruments and rituals is a thing that everyone should see in person, and one of the best places to see it is Malawi

    Malawi is located at southeast of the continent, even when it’s landlocked by Tanzania, Zambia and Mozambique, its eastern territories are bathed by the Lake Malawi, which offers some of the most gorgeous landscapes of the region. The lake is also one of the few freshwater sources of the continent and a treatment can make the water drinkable and apt to other activities. For that and other reasons, the Lake is protected gaining the status of National Park, yet it’s not forbidden to visit it and activities like kayaking, canoeing, fishing, visiting its desert islands or just chilling are among the many things to do there.

    In Malawi, you can visit the Majete Wildlife Reserve and connect with nature and the great amount of species that live there. Lions and leopards are the biggest felines there and coexist with other stunning mammals like black rhinos and elephants. Also, this reserve is home of the Kapichira Falls, an incredible place where hippos go to bathe and swim.

    A place where you can learn about Malawian colonial past is Livingstonia. As French and British Empires colonized a great part of the African continent, many religious missions were sent to those newfoundlands in order to aid the locals and spread religion. Livisgstonia was once a Scottish mission that settled near the village of Khondowe. Most of its original colonial buildings are still there and in use by the local university. Enter the museum to learn about the mission and how the British culture influenced not just this settlement, but the whole country.

    A must visit place is the Karonga Cultural & Museum Centre. This is the right place to learn about the culture of the Malawian people. The main exhibition is called “From Dinosaurs to Democracy” and there you’ll meet the Malawisaurus and will get to see the most amazing prehistoric tools and ornaments of its culture.

    The best chance to interact with the friendly and welcoming locals is at the Lake of Stars Festival. This musical fest is quite an event, it takes place by the Lake Malawi and the best performers of the Malawian scene show up and put everybody to dance.

    A nice way to finish your travel is in Blantyre, home of The Society of Malawi, a place where more than a thousand books lay and have recorded the historic data that most tourist don’t dare to find out, yet it’s interesting to see how this country has evolved but having their roots preserved and respected.

    A trip to Malawi will be one of the most amazing yet calm getaways you could ever have. So start planning and visit this African gem.


    Where to go with your family in Malawi

    Where to go with your family in Malawi

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    Africa is a continent full of beauty, mother nature has blessed that continent with some of the most stunning landscapes you can see, it is also a continent with some problems, and some of their countries are among the less developed of the world. With lots of economical and social issues, but beyond all those sad news, that continent is a spectacular tourist destination worth to be visited.




    Malawi, nicknamed the “Warm heart of Africa” it was named by Lonely Planet as one of the top 10 places to visit in 2014, despite of the problems, this country has been one of the less developed of the continent, this is a wonderful place with very friendly people, it really is a natural paradise with stunning landscapes and a diverse and awesome wildlife.


    Malawi has beautiful beaches, but they are uncrowded, this country is like a awesome secret paradise where you can enjoy all the things it has to offer quietly, peacefully and you and your family won’t share the good attention with hordes of tourists, so if you want to relax and escape from stress, this is your ideal place.


    Where to go with your family


    This is a friendly country that all the family can enjoy, without all the noise and with few tourists, it is easier enjoy the spectacular attractions with kids, and there are many things to do all together as family.


    There are amazing beaches, the Lake Malawi has a stunning beauty, finest accommodation, exciting activities and places to see and forget all problems, kids will be excited and happy to enjoy the view or the boat trips and safaris, adults can relax walking around, enjoying the magnificent view or visiting local fishing villages like Ulisa in Likoma Island.


    There are some places you definitely should visit with your family during you trip to Malawi:


    Mount Mulanje, it is a magnificent massif, worth to be visited by all family, kids and teenagers surely will enjoy to trek and camp on the mountains, there are some paths and hiking routes very gentle where you can enjoy with your kids and some serious climbing for the most experimented members of the family, you can hire guides and camping equipment.


    Malawi Lake, is definitely a treasure you cannot miss, its shores are absolutely beautiful with golden sands and crystal clear waters that all the family together can enjoy, the lake, as well as the islands in it, have the best accommodation located near fishing villages, which will allow you to know the local culture, there are activities for the whole family, such as kayaking, sailing, snorkeling, diving, boat trips and much more.


    Liwonde National Park, it is a beautiful park where the entire family can enjoy boat safaris, as well as foot and 4×4 safaris too, you will be able to see magnificent and varied animals and stay in the first-class accommodation offered

    Things to see in Malawi

    Top 3 things to see in Malawi

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    “The warm heart of Africa”, that’s the nickname of Malawi, a small beautiful country located in Africa, some people use to say “the best things come in small containers”, and in this case, we can say that’s true, Malawi has a diverse wildlife, stunning landscapes, very friendly people and more.


    This country is like a hidden treasure, and that will allow you to enjoy amazing tourist locations with warm and friendly attention, but without all the crowd that you find in other touristic places, you will be able to walk around and visit all the attractions peacefully and comfortably.


    There’s so many things and activities to enjoy! You can visit parks, natural reserves, the amazing lake, rivers, cathedrals and temples, also you can practice hiking, climbing, snorkeling, boat trip and much more, that country has a very diverse wildlife, stunning sceneries and few pollution, you can enjoy a beautiful sky at night full of stars.


    What to see in Malawi


    There are many beautiful and exciting things to see in this small country, here are three of them:


    First, you definitely need to visit Malawi Lake, the ninth largest lake in world, with transparent and warm waters, home of many species of fishes, it has a very diverse wildlife and its clear waters are perfect for snorkeling and diving, you can also enjoy boat trips and visit Likoma Island, a paradisiac place with many things to do and see, luxury lodges and more.


    Second, visit the spectacular Mulanje Mountain, a huge and beautiful granite mazice in south Malawi, it is located only 65 km of the east of Blantyre, the second largest and important city of the country, it is part of Mulanje Mountain Forest Reserve, and is ideal for hiking and climbing, it is recommended practice hiking on dry season (from from May to August) because wet season has many heavy rains and high temperatures.


    Third, Liwonde National Park, also known as Liwonde Wildlife Reserve,was established on 1973 and is located about 160 km at north of Blantyre, is the most popular of the parks with a wildlife that includes: elephants, hippos, crocodiles, antelopes, leopards, hyenas and occasionally black lions, the River Shire flows along the park´s western border allowing boat safaris, on foot or in ground vehicles. It has first class accommodation in lodges or if you prefer there is a campsite.


    There are much more to see but you can start with this three iconic and beautiful places that will connect you with nature and peace.

    Malawi Ulisa Bay

    What to do in Ulisa Bay

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    Africa is one continent full of mystery, with a great culture, a rough, beautiful and stunning place worth to be visited and located in this continent there is Malawi, a country with the nickname of “The warm heart of Africa”, because of its warm people, it has amazing landscapes, a great biodiversity and a big and beautiful lake named Malawi Lake

    Despite its beauty and wonders, Africa is a continent with some problems, and Malawi doesn’t escape from them. It is one of the least developed countries in the world, it is also a small country and some communication media bring us worrying news, however, it is a destination you will not regret to visit, with touristic, safe breathless and dazzling places.

    The Likoma Island

    In the Malawi Lake there is located the Likoma Island, a paradisiac destination for any tourist with cathedrals like Saint Peter’s Cathedral, parks like Nkhaji Nature Park, gardens like Ulisa Gardens, beaches with transparent waters and more, the weather is hot near the shore of the lake with a very pleasant refreshing breeze that you will surely enjoy.

    In this island there are the Ulisa Gardens, the Ulisa Village and Ulisa Bay Lodge.

    Ulisa Bay

    Ulisa Bay Lodge is located on the west side of Likoma Island and it is an amazing option when you visit Malawi, it is near the Ulisa Village, a beautiful fishing village  where you can see the fishing boats going to fish at night using bright lights, in addition, you will be able to visit the Ulisa Gardens located in the island.

    Ulisa Bay Lodge has beautiful chalets with large verandas overlooking the lake, backup lights using solar energy, there is a campsite between mango trees beside the beach, It is really a special place to visit anytime.

    What can you do in Ulisa

    Visit Ulisa Village; admire the local culture visiting this beautiful village.

    Snorkeling and diving; the transparent waters of the lake make it perfect for these activities, and there are various species of fishes you can see.

    Walking and trekking; there are footpaths and tracks throughout the island with wonderful views, besides you can go either alone or accompanied by  the friendly staff of Ulisa Bay Lodge who will be happy to go to walk with you and show you the island

    Birdwatching; if you are a bird watcher there are  several species in the island to be seen.

    Sailing and boat trip, since Ulisa Bay Lodge is located in an island, these are obvious and great activities you can do during your trip.

    As you can see, there are many things to do in Ulisa Bay, so just take the precautions you should have for any trip and enjoy!